Learn from life


This page is the beginning for recording after I came back from  the Philippines. I had a learning course at there for one month in the mountain city, Baguio. That was not the first time I went abroad to learn, but this’s my longest journey I stayed in the foreign. That’s a valuable experience that anything couldn’t instead of.

Here I’ll share anything about learning not limited to English but also other learning skills or experiences I’ve had. If you have the same experiences or the familiar sense, please share with me then we can learn from each other. This’ll be the beginning and never the end. Whatever we act will bring new different growth in our life.

I’ll look forward to and hope you’re the same.

03 Mar 2018 On my way home

04 Mar 2018 Second hand book-show sharing

Make your dream visualized

05 Mar 2018 Just start and never end


06 Mar 2018 要改變,先說服你的身體!

New friends bring to new experiences

07 Mar 2018 那個路過你生命裡的人

Ask the questions and reset the goal

08 Mar 2018 I want and you can do it.

09 Mar 2018 有時學習不能等!

What we need, where the product is.

10 Mar 2018 keep thinking in mind