New friends bring to new experiences


Do you like to talk to the person that you have never faced to face? Or someone you had met on a lot of occasions, but no chance to chat with. If one day you have an opportunity to make a date with them, would you go? And why? If no, why?

Someone believes that if we can talk to the persons sometimes that we don’t familiar, we can exchange more self experiences from each other. Maybe we could find the real us that we have never known. Do you believe that? Did you ever try that before?

If we would like to jump out the comfort zone or think out of the box, we have to try to input new ideas with strange or unknown. We also could join the meeting, conference or party, new occasions will attract the persons new. Then you can make new friends.

But all of that just several of the skills to extend our live environments. We can do that, but don’t always do. The deep talking is better than the social greets. Don’t you think that?



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