Just start and never end

When we say we got some trouble on our learning. That’s something not due to your ability but your learning attitudes and thinking model.

How much time do you spend on necessary learning? We all know that practice makes perfect, if the time you took are really enough.

We talk about learning effectiveness, it must include “Learning-preparation” not only the progression we have completed.

On our learning way, our concern about mistakes is as the necessary processes, aren’t thinking them as the trouble. Make mistakes is a kind of learning elements remind us to fix the bug.

How to check out our learning model? We can write down our learning experiences from o to 1 that means what we experienced during learning such as the habits, the behaviors, the mindsets and so on.

The more messages we have written, we could check more thinking model from it. We really know our limited, we could find the way to change effectively.

Learning is a long way to go, we have to put it in our whole life in mind until we end up.




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