Second Hand book-show sharing

I shared reading and learning tips on the second hand book-show on Sunday afternoon. It only had thirty minutes, so I briefly share how to choose books smartly and learning easier.

If we want to read faster and understand easier, we can use the skill “reduce to a lower rank”, make sure the material level is nearly close to you. When you can handle the basic and core vocabularies, those books are easier to read. That skill is based on the knowledge that you are not familiar.

If we want to read fast, we can focus on where the key messages are. Book cover offers a lot of information that we can catch the main points faster.

In reality, reading faster is not hard, the most important things about reading and learning are how you think and ask the right questions from the books you read.

How could we ask more questions that depend on what you find from the materials? Between the lines to find something strange you feel and somewhere you interested in. Follow these rules we can read fast and learn smartly.



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