On our way home

2018.03.03 寫在從碧瑤往馬尼拉機場的路上,準備搭機回台灣。碧瑤是個小山城,也是菲律賓的避暑勝地,路程大約需要五到六小時。我在這邊花了一個月的時間學習,試著讓自己待在全英文的環境中,這次的經驗非常的難得,讓一些思維跟想法也有了改變,我想這是一個好的開始,讓我更用更多的方式來練習表達。謝謝在這次旅程中我所遇見的一切:我的韓國室友、台灣朋友、菲律賓老師跟一個月來無間斷的韓國泡菜。

It was written on 3 Mar 2018, on the way to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Manila, Philippines.

From the mountains to the plain, as time went by we were far away from Baguio. We need to spend about five to even more than six hours to arrive the Ninoy Aquino International airport.

When one month passed, we have finished our study course in the Philippines. What we learned will become the treasure experiences in our lives. That’s just the beginning, we don’t know what will be changed, but I think it’s worth to look forward.

Thanks all I met here. My Korea roommate, Taiwan friends, Korean cabbage, and the Philippines teachers.

Learning in Baguio and practicing in Taiwan




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